Vehicles Detail

  • Comfort & Convenience
  • Lights & Windows
  • Wheels & Tyres


Overall Length (mm): 5,150
Overall Width (mm): 1,920 (excluding door mirrors) / 2,259 (including door mirrors)
Overall Height (mm): 1,935
Wheelbase (mm)3,200
Front Wheeltread (mm): 1,685
Rear Wheeltread (mm): 1,660
Front Overhang (mm): 880
Rear Overhang (mm): 1,070

Lightest Curb Weight (kg): 1,832
Heaviest Curb Weight (kg): 1,917
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg): 3,110

Sun visor
The sun visor is designed using a knit-embossed fabric for a luxurious feel and incorporating a pocket-type ticket holder for convenience.
Two books and a water bottle is in the storage bag behind front seat
Storage system (map pockets)
Side storage space on the inner side of the doors can hold magazines, maps and paperwork that are essential on journeys.
Closer view of H-1’s electric chromic mirror
Electric chromic mirror (ECM)
The rear-view mirror detects the amount of light from other vehicles’ head lamps and automatically reduces the glare.
Closer view of H-1’s overhead console
Overhead console
A sunglasses case is provided in spot that is convenient to reach even while driving.
Closer view of H-1’s six kinds of room lamp
Room lamp
The cabin can be illuminated by a choice of 6-ambient colors thanks to the roof-mounted LED room lamps.
Closer view of H-1’s cup holders with 2 beverage bottles
Cup holders

Safety window adjustment control system
Safety sensors on the power windows prevent pinching whenever an obstacle is detected. When detecting an obstacle. The window automatically reverses direction when an obstacle is detected.

16″ disc brakes
16″ disc brakes are available on all wheels, providing maximum stopping performance and outstanding control, even when the large H-1 is fully loaded with passengers and cargo.

Folding key
Electric folding outside mirrors
Rear parking assist system (RPAS)
Double swing rear doors

Cargo Van

AM/FM Radio with CD + MP3
Air Conditioning
Full bulk Head
Alloy Wheels 16”
Tilt steering

Passenger Van

AM/FM Radio with CD
USB & Aux
Air Conditioning
Partition Panel
Power Steering
Tilt Steering
Visor Mirror
Central Door Lock
Alloy Wheels 16”
Power Window
Rear Air Condition
Front Fog Lamps


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